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Flooring restoration services

Renovating your wood flooring or tiles allows you to keep and renew original features like parquet flooring or Victorian tiles and is often a cheaper alternative to replacing them. It is, however a labour of love that requires undertaking by experienced patient professionals. Restoration is a particular passion of ours, and something we have done from the beginning.

Having been fortunate enough to work on numerous restorations, including several heritage sites, we are accomplished at breathing new life into old wood flooring and tiles.

Wood flooring

We will assess your wood floorings condition and put forward the best method and processes for renovating your flooring.

These include one or more of the following:


Deep clean

Often a full deep clean is all that’s required to revive your floor. Depending on the condition and finish of your wood flooring, we can remove ingrained dirt and refinish with a compatible protective top coat.


When a deep clean isn’t suitable to revive your wood flooring, we can sand and refinish. The level of sanding depends on several factors including, surface thickness available, depth of scratches and desired aesthetic. Once these have been established, we will sand your flooring using the latest sanding equipment from Bona, and re-oil or lacquer it in a colour and sheen of your choice.


Damaged floorboards and parquet can often be repaired, but when they are too damaged to save we can reproduce and replace with exact size and colour matched pieces. This includes species like Pine and Beech as well as exotics like Teak and Merbau.



It is often unnecessary to remove and re-tile a surface. Damaged tiles can be replaced, grout can be renewed or changed, and lifeless, scratched or scuffed tiles can usually all be restored using the correct methods. Often a deep clean will be all thats required to return a tile to its former glory. Following a site survey, we will undertake either a full restoration, spot repair, or a commercial clean to remove the signs of age, including mould and mildew.


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