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Bespoke wood flooring

Every wood floor that leaves our warehouse is designed and hand finished by a member of our staff here in the UK. With over 150 wood floors in our portfolio, that’s a lot of hand finishing. Producing our wood flooring this way not only gives us great control of the final finish, but it also gives our staff unparalleled levels of experience in hand making wood floors that we put to use creating bespoke pieces. The designing of a bespoke wood floor is a collaboration with our clients, who often have a clear idea of the aesthetic they want, but when inspiration is required, we draw on a plethora of samples as a starting point and hone the final finish to achieve their desired result.

There are many advantages to hand finishing our own floors which include…

  • The ability to produce matching accessories, from thresholds to skirting boards and stair nosing to trims.
  • Being able to seamlessly repair damage to our flooring using the exact same finishing techniques used to produce it.
  • Our wood flooring will never be discontinued unlike factory supplied flooring.

Handmade tiles

We have a range of handmade tiles produced exclusively for us by a ceramic artisan who’s main focus is designing tiles and creating ceramic art. His experience and understanding of ceramics allows him to consistently produce quality tiles, including hand painted pieces and the mixed medium of clay and glass, all in various shapes and sizes. For those looking for something truly unique, handmade bespoke tiles, each a piece of art in their own right, can be produced to order. Previous commissions for these tailored tiles include:

  • A mural for an interior fountain.
  • Hand painted birds on to tiles for a bird twitchers kitchen splashback
  • An unusual fish shape designed tile for a bathroom feature wall.

If you have an idea for something you would like applied to a tile, we can make it possible.


‘Whatever you have to have, try to have something handmade’
Nirmala Srivastava


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Bespoke design

The pattern or direction the floor is installed can dramatically alter its aesthetics, tone and feel. Laying a floor on the diagonal or installing herringbone as a double block can be an inexpensive way to create a bespoke floor. Examples shown here are of a hexagon floor tile that we cut into the wood flooring to allow for a client’s cast iron bath to sit in their bedroom, and an Iroko floor that we installed in a concentric pattern for a client on the Norfolk Broads. Eden Clay relish the uncommon and are on hand to advise on bespoke methods for installing your products.

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Your bespoke wood floor process

Select your size

Choose from our plank stock 15 x 140, 180 or 220mm wide or our herringbone stock 15 x 100 x 500mm or 15 x 120 x 600mm or request any size from our factory in either 15mm or 20mm available as wide as 400mm and as long as 7300mm. You can also mix the widths to achieve a traditional period look.

Select your texture

Your floor can be finished in one or a combination of the following textures:

Wire brushed - light > heavy

This process removes the soft grain from the wood flooring, adding depth to the floor and arguably making it look more natural. It also gives a more durable finish to the surface due to the soft grain being removed.

Distressed/aged - light > heavy

Unlike the typical method of distressing flooring, where its put into a large revolving drum with nuts and bolts, we carry out all of our distressing by hand, giving a more authentic time aged appearance. The distressing elements can include edge distressing and surface scratches, dents and scuffs.

Hand eased edges

This gives a softer appearance to the edge of the floorboard when compared to a machine produced micro bevel and creates a hand finished look and feel to the floor.

Band sawn

Irregular saw marks are made across the grain using a band saw. This creates an industrial style texture

Select your finish


A treatment is applied which reacts with the natural tannings in European Oak to create the appearance of an old vintage floor


Our range of coloured and tinted oils along with our water based stains allow us to produce any colour, from natural browns and creams to bold blues, greens and reds.


Light medium or DarkThe flooring is left in a chamber where it is exposed to ammonia for a period of time. The length of time it is left exposed determines the level of fuming achieved.


Bleaching is the perfect antidote to the pink hue you typically get with lighter colours on an Oak floor. Ideal for natural and white toned finishes.


Liming typically refers to a floor who’s grain is lighter than its heart wood. This can be achieved in many ways but the results are always naturally beautiful.

Hardwax Oiled

Traditional waxes give a beautiful sheen and depth to a floor but are difficult to apply and even harder to maintain. Hardwax oils solve this while still offering the same depth and sheen. Available in matt, semi matt, satin and gloss.

Hardened Oil

A modified oil with an added UA hardener can be applied when excellent wear resistance and chemical and mechanical durability are desired. Available in a matt or satin finish, this oil delivers exceptional protection.


Lacquers offer a different feel and appearance to oils. They also offer a more durable finish that’s typically easier to maintain. Lacquers are ideal for commercial use and are available in numerous sheen levels.

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