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Varkaus Chevron

No 271 Brown Chevron Wood Floor European Oak

£106.35 m2 ex vat

Varkaus Chevron Wood Floor features muted brown tones that quietly enhance any interior. Made from European oak, it’s built to last with meticulous finishing for longevity. Timeless design adds a touch of tradition to modern spaces. Perfect for chic urban retreats or cozy countryside escapes. Elevate your design vision with Varkaus Chevron Wood Floor, where Style Meets Endurance.


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Introducing Varkaus Chevron Wood Floor – A Subtle Symphony of Elegance

Discover the Varkaus Chevron, a masterpiece of understated sophistication. With its unique brown tones, elegantly muted and refined, bring a sense of quiet charm to any interior.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Subdued Elegance: Varkaus exudes an air of refinement without the need for grand gestures. Its gentle, brown hues create a serene atmosphere, allowing your interior design choices to take center stage.
  • Timeless Chevron Pattern: The Chevron pattern, with its timeless V-shaped arrangement, adds a touch of classical grace to your space. It’s a subtle nod to tradition that blends seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics.
  • European Oak Craftsmanship: Crafted from select European oak, this floor showcases the natural beauty and durability of this wood. Its sturdy composition ensures it remains a quietly stunning feature in your home for years to come.
  • Careful Finishing: With each plank of the Varkaus meticulously treated and oiled, you can expect enhanced longevity while preserving its understated beauty. As a result, it’s a floor that ages gracefully and stands up to everyday life.

Why Choose Varkaus Chevron Wood Floor:

The Varkaus Chevron Wood Floor appeals to those who appreciate a harmonious fusion of classic and modern design. Its brown tones provide a refined canvas for your decor to shine, while the Chevron pattern adds a subtle touch of artistry.

Whether you’re creating a chic urban retreat or a cozy countryside escape, the Varkaus Chevron Wood Floor brings an air of order and sophistication to your space.

Transform Your Space with Varkaus:

Explore the timeless charm of the Chevron that Varkaus provides, and let it be the backdrop for your unique design vision. With its muted and tidy aesthetic, it effortlessly elevates your space to new levels of refinement.

Varkaus – Where Subtle Elegance Meets Uncompromising Craftsmanship.

Additional information


Herringbone & Chevron

Colour & Shade

Medium, Brown


Engineered Multi-Ply


Hardwax Oiled, Satin




15 x 120 x 600mm


15mm (All floors available in 20mm. Contact us for details)







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