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Iglesia is a unique tile, it takes on the classic Rosso Levanto marble which is traditionally used in churches across Rome. The deep red marble features bold white veins bringing a vintage flair to your room. This style of tile features all over the world, including in the White House. Available in a polished finish, including the large 740 x 1480mm slab size.


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Iglesia: Embrace Classic Elegance with Rosso Levanto inspired Marble

Iglesia encapsulates the essence of timeless beauty inspired by Rosso Levanto marble, a material steeped in tradition and prominently adorning churches across Rome. This deep red marble boasts bold white veins that effortlessly infuse a vintage allure into your living spaces. It’s a style of tile that has left its mark all over the world, even gracing the interiors of the White House.

A Legacy of Deep Red Elegance

First and foremost, the deep red hue of Iglesia tiles is a testament to the enduring appeal of Rosso Levanto marble. This classic material has long been celebrated for its ability to exude an air of sophistication and timeless elegance. Its deep, rich tones add warmth and character to any room, creating a sense of luxury that transcends time.

Bold White Veins: A Mark of Distinction

What truly sets Iglesia apart is the striking contrast between the deep red base and the bold white veins that gracefully traverse its surface. This distinctive feature not only adds visual interest but also serves as a tribute to Rosso Levanto marble. It’s a testament to the intricate natural patterns that have captivated admirers for centuries.

A Worldwide Legacy

Furthermore, the allure of Rosso Levanto marble extends far beyond the borders of Rome. Its timeless beauty has found its way into prestigious settings worldwide, including the White House. This is a testament to the enduring appeal and universal recognition of this exquisite material.

Polished Finish for Unparalleled Elegance

To enhance the beauty of Iglesia tiles, they are available in a polished finish. This finish not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also adds a touch of luxury to your interiors. The glossy surface reflects light, creating a luminous atmosphere that adds to the overall opulence of your space.

Grand Slab Size

Lastly, for those who appreciate the grandeur of larger tiles, our Iglesia collection offers an impressive large 740 x 1480mm slab size. These slabs are perfect for creating seamless and expansive surfaces that exude luxury and sophistication. Whether you’re redesigning a classic living room or adding a touch of timeless elegance to a contemporary space, Iglesia tiles make a bold statement.

In conclusion, Iglesia tiles are a testament to the enduring beauty of Rosso Levanto marble. With their deep red elegance, bold white veins, and polished finish, these tiles allow you to bring a touch of timeless luxury to your living spaces. Choose Iglesia to embrace classic elegance that transcends time and place.

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Brown, Mixed, Red & Pink


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


300 x 300 x 10mm, 300 x 600 x 10mm, 600 x 600 x 10mm, 740 x 740 x 10mm, 740 x 1480 x 10mm


Available in five sizes and finishes, polished & matt.

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