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No 6004 Decorative, Patterned Antique-Inspired Cement Tile.

£126.00 m2 ex vat

Enhance your space with Espiga, a cement tile inspired by the captivating colours of Southern Spain. Its enchanting green and blue hues bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your interiors. Crafted with artisan excellence, Espiga is a visual masterpiece with bold diamond patterns, perfect for both intimate and grand spaces. Made to last, this durable tile infuses charm into hallways and garden rooms alike. Experience the timeless beauty of Espiga and transform your surroundings.


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Rediscover Southern Spain With Espiga

Transport yourself to the captivating landscapes of Southern Spain, where the Espiga tile first graced the scene. Its enchanting green and blue hues, reminiscent of the Mediterranean, immediately captivate your senses.

Artisan Excellence

Our quest to recreate the Espiga tile led us to skilled artisans who masterfully embrace the delicate process. Their commitment to capturing the antique colours and aged patina that define this tile is nothing short of remarkable. The craftsmanship poured into each tile is a testament to their exceptional skill and dedication.

Visual Masterpiece

The Espiga tile isn’t just a flooring option; it’s a visual masterpiece. Bold diamond shapes, meticulously arranged to create an enchanting pattern, make it perfect for small, intimate spaces or grand, expansive areas.

Built to Last

Crafted from robust cement, the Espiga tile embodies both timeless beauty and longevity. It’s not just decorative; it’s a reliable and enduring flooring solution that can withstand the rigours of high-traffic areas, a testament to our commitment to quality.

Transform Your Space

Envision the Espiga tile gracing the floors of a welcoming hallway, where its unique colours and patterns create an inviting atmosphere. Picture it in any room, infusing the space with character and charm.

Choose the Espiga tile, and in doing so, let it elevate your space into a work of art that pays homage to both history and craftsmanship. Experience the enduring beauty of Southern Spain in every step you take. Elevate your surroundings with the Espiga tile today.

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200 x 200 x 18mm






Decorative & Patterned





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