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Aquilia Beige

No 4969 Beige Stone Effect Porcelain Tile

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Aquila, Beige Limestone-Inspired Tiles displays a natural and modern mood, suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. This collection comes in four colours which remain faithful to the original limestone inspiration, available in two sizes and 10mm and 20mm options for both indoor and outdoor use.


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Inspired by Limestone Slabs

The Aquila range takes its inspiration from limestone slabs. It seamlessly blends a natural and contemporary mood, making the Aquila limestone beige tiles a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

A Palette of Four Authentic Colours

Furthermore, this collection offers four exquisite colours. Each colour remains faithful to limestone’s original charm, ensuring that your spaces exude a genuine and enduring aesthetic appeal.

Versatility in Size and Thickness

To enhance its adaptability, the Aquila range provides two size options. Whether you prefer a bold statement or understated elegance, these tiles can effortlessly bring your vision to life.

Ideal for Indoors and Outdoors

With thickness options of 10mm and 20mm, the Aquila range caters to both indoor and outdoor needs. This reflects our unwavering dedication to providing practical design solutions.

Resilience Outdoors

Outdoors, these Aquila limestone beige tiles truly shine, thanks to their 20mm thickness. This extra thickness guarantees durability, making them perfect for patios, garden paths, and poolside areas. They are built to withstand the rigours of outdoor living while retaining their charm and authenticity.

In conclusion, the Aquila range celebrates the timeless allure of limestone-inspired design. With its faithful colour palette, size options, and indoor/outdoor versatility, it provides a comprehensive solution for a wide range of design projects. Choose the Aquila collection to infuse your spaces with a natural and modern mood that seamlessly combines beauty with practicality. Its enduring elegance is a testament to the harmonious union of nature and contemporary design.

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Natural, Silk


604 x 906 x 10mm, 408 x 614 x 10mm


Available in four colours

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