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Aarhus Herringbone

No 253 Hand Scraped Brushed and Oil European Oak Herringbone

£63.40 m2 ex vat

Elevate your space with Aarhus Herringbone European Oak Wood Flooring. Embrace light Olive tones and enduring hand distressed textures, and create a timeless foundation for your interior design.


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Aarhus Herringbone European Oak Wood Flooring: A Symphony of Light Vintage Elegance

Embark on a journey of timeless sophistication with Aarhus Herringbone European Oak Wood Flooring, a flooring masterpiece that gracefully intertwines the allure of vintage charm and enduring sophistication. The delicate herringbone pattern, coupled with a lighter tone, conjures an atmosphere of refined elegance. Enhanced by a white brushed oil effect, tinged with nuanced azure undertones, this flooring radiates a level of sophistication that uplifts any space.

Key Features:

Light Vintage Tones: Immerse your space in the warm and luminous hues of Aarhus Herringbone Wood Flooring. This lighter tone effortlessly complements a variety of interior styles, seamlessly transitioning from traditional to contemporary.

Authentic Natural Finish: Enjoy the authentic natural feel of the wood underfoot with Aarhus Herringbone. This flooring boasts a hand-scraped, brushed, and distressed matt finish, delivering a pure, unvarnished essence that adds to its rustic charm.

Rustic Vintage Look: Stand apart with a herringbone floor that captures the essence of rustic vintage charm. Ideal for those who appreciate a more weathered aesthetic with an olive stain, perfect for spaces seeking a touch of enduring style.

Azure Infused Hues: Each plank proudly displays the wood’s natural grain, infusing character and depth into your space. The azure-infused hues add a touch of refinement, creating an inviting atmosphere with a strong connection to nature.

Why Choose Aarhus Herringbone?

Selecting this flooring isn’t just about choosing a surface; it’s embracing a lifestyle defined by light vintage elegance and modernity. With impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, it becomes a premium choice for those seeking a flooring solution that transcends trends.

Transform Your Space with Aarhus:

The light vintage tones invite comfort and style. Elegantly applied in living areas, bedrooms, or offices, this hand-scraped, brushed, and distressed flooring transforms into a captivating statement piece, seamlessly tying your design together.

Aarhus Herringbone – Where Vintage Tradition Meets Modern Sophistication:

Experience the harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design with Aarhus Herringbone European Oak Wood Flooring. Create a space that radiates light vintage elegance and invites you to linger. Elevate your interior design journey with the enduring appeal of oak wood, celebrating the beauty of nature within your home. Explore the possibilities of Aarhus Herringbone European Oak Wood Flooring and let your floors tell a story of timeless sophistication.

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Herringbone & Chevron

Colour & Shade

Light, Brown


Engineered Multi-Ply


Distressed, Hand Scraped, Brushed




14 x 90 x 400mm









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